SPF 50+ pocket-sized sun protection for fair and sensitive skin, wherever you go.

SPF 50+ 30 ml emulsione solare tascabile per pelli chiare e sensibili, ovunque tu vada. - Farmacia Dobbiaco
A trip to the countryside, a bike ride, a walk by the sea or in the mountains. It’s always important to think about sun protection and to avoid unpleasant irritation after a lovely day spent in nature.
Farmacia Dobbiaco’s SPF 50+ pocket-size sun cream offers high protection against UV rays, and is enriched with Edelweiss extract to provide extra hydration and protection for your skin. It is water-resistant, hypoallergenic and fragance free. The practical 30ml airless bottle is hygienic, takes up little space in your bag or rucksack and allows you to use every last drop of the cream.
It is important to apply the sunscreen before exposure to allow the filters to be optimally arranged to shield the skin. It is useful to repeat the application during the day. When you return, take a shower and, to increase the feeling of well-being, use After Sun.
SPF 50+ pocket-sized sun emulsion, safe protection wherever you go!