The Amaro di Dobbiaco, Bitter of Dobbiaco, and the art of foodpairing

L’amaro di Dobbiaco e l’arte dell’abbinamento

Anyone who has tasted it knows that Amaro di Dobbiaco has a truly unique taste, thanks to the careful selection of herbs made by its creator. It is often drunk at the end of a meal, as a digestive, but why not try it with particular combinations even during the meal?

To start a lunch or dinner in style, try pairing it with cheeses and cured meats: creamy goat cheeses for example, accompanied by honey and walnuts, create a delicious contrast with the bitter notes of our drink. Furthermore, cured cured meats and marinated olives offer a surprising tasting experience, amplifying the herbaceous notes.

When it comes to first courses, Amaro di Dobbiaco can be the perfect companion for a variety of dishes: a wild mushroom risotto, seasoned with parmesan and fresh parsley, will benefit from the accompaniment, which will add a herbaceous note and a sensation of freshness; Homemade potato gnocchi, served with a butter and sage sauce, pairs wonderfully with the Amaro, creating a balance between the rich flavor of the butter and the aromatic bitterness. Amaro di Dobbiaco was born as a conclusion to a meat-based meal, but have you ever thought of creating an accompanying sauce for a grilled beef fillet with seasonal vegetables? An unforgettable tasting experience! Without forgetting game, the choice of choice for pairing with Amaro di Dobbiaco for an explosion of flavours.

Even desserts can be inspired by the herbaceous notes of Amaro: a traditional tiramisu can be enriched with a touch of bitter to balance the sweetness of mascarpone or, alternatively, as the absolute protagonist of desserts such as semifreddos or crème brûlée.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the most classic pairing, that with mature cheeses such as pecorino or gorgonzola, characterized by a complex and intense flavour, which go beautifully with the herbal Amaro. Taste a piece of cheese accompanied by a sip of bitters to appreciate the nuances of flavor that mix and enhance each other.