Arnica Science

From the heart of the Dolomites in Italy’s South Tyrol, FD Dolomites, offers a selection of skincare products enriched with Arnica Montana, as well as food supplements that optimise your wellbeing.


Made in Italy

Led by pharmacist Dr. Sandro Barbierato, FD Dolomites is a proud promoter of the Made in Italy label. All our products are manufactured exclusively in Italy to the highest, ISO-certified standards. Our cosmetics are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and CPNP-approved, while our supplements get notified regularly  to the Ministry of Health.


Health and Beauty Enhancing Programs

For half a century, we have led the way  in developing optimised health and beauty programs, strengthened by pharmaceutical traditions passed down through generations of the Barbierato family at Farmacia Dobbiaco.


The promise of renewal

FD Dolomites produces an exclusive range of optimised cosmetics and supplements that revitalise personal health and complexion.


Arnica Science

The Arnica Montana flower is indigenous to the meadows of the Dolomites and possesses a unique power. It is an exceptional natural anti-inflammatory, with unrivalled soothing and regenerative effects for muscles, joints, and skin. Drawing on 50 years of the Barbierato family’s pharmaceutical expertise, the FD Dolomites Arnica Science range has the highest arnica extract concentration in the world: a concentration of up to 5% of the dry extract (250% tincture).



FD Dolomites, with its Arnica Montana-enhanced cosmetics and food supplements, promotes physical and mental well-being. For an independent and dynamic lifestyle