Arnica Montana: its incredible potential for skin care

Arnica Montana: il suo incredibile potenziale per la cura della pelle


FD Dolomites is proud to announce a new and innovative direction in our cosmetic product line, thanks to the inclusion of Arnica Montana extract. This extraordinary flower, known mainly for its benefits on muscles and joints, also has exceptional regenerative properties for the skin.

Regenerating properties of Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is famous for its powerful regenerative properties that go beyond simple muscle relief. This plant contains flavonoids and sesquiterpenes, which contribute to the reduction of inflammation, helping to calm irritated skin and reduce redness. In addition to reducing inflammation, arnica fights free radicals, protecting the skin from environmental damage and promoting a younger, healthier appearance. It also stimulates local blood circulation, promoting the transport of oxygen and essential nutrients to skin cells, thus accelerating wound healing and improving skin texture and tone. These regenerative properties make arnica a valuable ingredient in our cosmetic products, improving the overall health of the skin and giving it a radiant appearance.

Benefits for the skin

One of the most surprising benefits of Arnica Montana is its ability to improve acne marks. By reducing inflammation, arnica helps minimize acne scarring, making skin more even. Furthermore, it has an illuminating and soothing effect, which gives the skin a radiant and vital appearance. These regenerative properties make it a valuable ingredient in cosmetic products, improving the overall health of the skin.

Commitment of the FD Dolomites brand

Dr Sandro Barbierato, thanks to a stroke of serendipity that we reported on our social networks , discovered the incredible potential of Arnica Montana for skin care. This discovery led us to include arnica extract in all our cosmetic products, offering our customers unprecedented regenerating benefits. We invite everyone to try our new products and experience the wonderful effects of arnica on the skin.