Horse Balm with arnica: The Truth About Its Concentration Levels

FD Dolomites-Arnica per cavalli: miti da sfatare

When talking about natural remedies for muscle pain and inflammation, arnica is one of the first names that comes to mind. However, not all arnica creams are created equal. In this article, we will explore why horse balm with arnica, despite its fame and claims of high concentration, is not as potent as it seems.

What does Horse Balm with Arnica mean

Many products sold as horse balm claim a 90% concentration of arnica, but this percentage often refers to the total content of the formula which includes other substances, thus decreasing the actual amount of active ingredient. In reality, the arnica in these products is often present in diluted forms, significantly reducing its effective concentration. This means that the much vaunted 90% does not represent a real superiority compared to other products created with different extracts, such as the dry extract.

Concentration of Arnica in Cream: Debunking the Myth

The Truth About Horse Balm with Arnica

Horse Balm with arnica is very well known, it has in fact gained popularity thanks to its high concentration, often advertised as 90%. This impressive value has led many to believe that it is among the most concentrated in the world. But, this figure is often misleading and more of a publicity stunt than a fact-based reality.

The Truth About Sales to Human Consumers

It is also important to note that veterinary products cannot be sold for human use. The idea of ​​arnica for horses is therefore often a publicity stunt, as veterinary products legally cannot be marketed for human use without specific approvals and regulations.

Our Arnica Montana

In contrast, FD Dolomites products use a 3% to 5% dry extract of Arnica Montana, which may seem like a low percentage, but is actually highly concentrated as just 1% of this extract is 50 times stronger than the classical fluid extract. This dry extract is much more potent than the diluted formulations found in horse balm. The dry extract means that each gram of our cream contains a significantly greater amount of the active ingredient.

Why Choose FD Dolomites

Superior Quality

Our arnica montana is carefully selected and processed to guarantee the highest quality. We use extraction methods that preserve the integrity of the active ingredients, offering a cream that is truly effective in treating muscle pain and inflammation.

Effective Concentration

Using the dry extract means that each gram of cream contains a concentrated amount of arnica, ensuring visible results and fast, long-lasting relief. This level of concentration is not just a number, but a guarantee of effectiveness.


It is important to be informed and aware of the differences between various arnica products. Horse balm with arnica, advertised at 90% concentration, may seem like a solid choice, but the reality is that it is often diluted. Furthermore, the promotion of these products for human use is often a publicity stunt. FD Dolomites products, with their high concentration of dry arnica montana extract, offer a much more effective and superior quality solution. Don't be fooled by appearances: choose the power and quality of true arnica montana.