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Farmacia Dobbiaco


FD Dolomites Italy

The transition

The transition from Farmacia Dobbiaco to FD Dolomites marks a new chapter where we elevate our commitment to new standards of innovation and quality. In a constantly evolving world, where human needs change as swiftly as the shifts defining our society, stories of tradition and innovation emerge that deserve to be told. Among these, our story stands out: in celebrating our 50th anniversary, we have embarked on an unprecedented path of renewal, staying true to our roots.

New name, same guarantee of excellence

As Farmacia Dobbiaco, we became renowned for our Arnica creams, the most concentrated in the world. Embracing change, we have transformed into a brand that, while retaining a nod to our origins in its name—FD, in homage to its past—projects towards the future with a renewed vision. We now use "Dolomites" as a tribute to our birthplace, a UNESCO heritage site that continues to inspire us, and "Italy" to proudly emphasize our process of creation and production as 100% Made in Italy, a guarantee of quality and excellence.

Arnica Science:

Arnica Science: Half a century of innovation dedicated to well-being.

The rebranding represents more than just a change of image; it is a testament to the evolution of a company that has adeptly listened to and interpreted the needs of a transforming society. The term we now use, "Arnica Science," thus becomes a symbol of unique knowledge, the fruit of 50 years of experience and research, affirming our expertise in creating products enhanced with Arnica Montana, catering to the emerging needs of an increasingly aware and discerning audience.

Arnica Montana:

Revolutionizing well-being with our dry extract.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have studied Arnica Montana and its numerous benefits in the anti-inflammatory and pain relief fields. We use an innovative extract that maximizes the properties of this Dolomite flower. We are pioneers in the use of dry extract of Arnica Montana, which allows for a concentration 50 times greater than that of conventional extracts.

FD Dolomites:

tradition and innovation

At the heart of this transition is the individual, with their ever-evolving needs. FD Dolomites, on its new path, aims to support people in their busy lives by offering cosmetic solutions and food supplements that represent a perfect synergy between pharmaceutical tradition and innovation. The message is clear: while we change, the essence remains, with an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and individual well-being.